Angie Craig

A quick review of Angie Craig's history

Sh claims to be a typical middle class American from a struggling family - as American and Minnesota nice as apple pie. From her website: 

I was raised by a single mom and grew up in a mobile home park. I watched my mom work hard and complete her teaching degree over nine years while raising three kids with the help of my grandmother - who herself worked in a union shoe factory well into her 70s. These strong women showed me what grit and determination look like.

Like my mom, I worked two jobs and took out a little in student loans to put myself through state college. I started my career as a newspaper reporter, worked my way up over 20 years in business to lead a workforce of 16,000 for a major Minnesota manufacturer. Today, my wife and I are moms to four amazing young men. My oldest recently completed trade school, two chose a traditional four-year college and one is at Rosemount High School.

But, in reality

  • she voted for President Trump's impeachment twice 
  • voted not to censure Maxine Waters for jury tampering re Chauvin et al
  • voted for every Biden/Pelosi idea submitted to Congress
  • supports illegal immigration, Antifa, and BLM
  • voted against every motion proposed by conservatives
  • voted for every tax increase, and every regulatory increase, proposed by democrats in the house.